Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final 20 Time Update

From the beginning of my 20 Time project, my partner, Aligha, and I decided to focus on helping teen moms. This was because Aligha's mom was a teen moms so it would mean a lot to her, and we both have a passion for working with, helping, and being around children. We then searched for a local place online, and out of all of the companies and programs, we picked Haven Home for Girls. We had then emailed them and called them a few times, eventually being told that our offer to volunteer and help babysit teen moms' children, could not happen, since we were not eighteen. That being said, we will volunteer when we reach the age, or if some other program comes along and we are the right age for it, then we will try our best to help. We want to make a difference, and we have worked hard to find that out by acting professionally towards Haven Home for Girls on the phone, in email, and overall acted like adults. This 20 Time project has made me see how much the teen moms and their children need help, it makes us feel good that we want and will benefit others, and we want to do this not only for Aligha's mom to see the difference we make, for also for all teen moms out there. 20 Time has also taught me how I can help others not just for a school project, but also when I get out in the real world. There are people who are not blessed with money, or education, or a spouse. Aligha and I are there for them. Even if we spend more than twenty percent of our time, we would be pleased to, as long as others benefit, and we show everyone that we truly care.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Information Research and Twenty Time Update

 The information I researched on baby photography, which involves my passion of being with little kids, is able to help others who have your same passion for many reasons. One is that they will know how to prepare ahead of time, if they want to get experience with photography, such as taking classes on child development in school now, or babysitting children, to understand them more. Another is that they will learn what type of experience and equipment they will need to be a photographer, as well as the money that is involved with that. To add, they will read about the stressful factors that come along with the job, but also learn that if they work as a baby photographer for someone else, they will get a higher pay, and that they can still have fun, of being with children and taking amazing photos. Although I'm young, I have some experience with photography. I took beautiful photos of a family friend's baby and of my hair whipping in front of Highclere Castle in England. They were so amazingly sweet of the baby and of the english castle, that my mom's friend, who is a publisher of the magazine Child Good, will put them in her magazine and credit me! Photography isn't the only job I want to pursue in my life, so this could be the start to being a photographer, as a side job.
 The twenty time work that my partner, Aligha, and I have completed recently is figuring out if we can go to Haven Home for Girls and help children there. We both called them last week, and told them that we would be willing to come on Saturdays, when we aren't busy, to volunteer at the home. Although we told them we aren't just volunteering for our project, but because we care, due to Aligha's mom's experience and how the teen moms and their child need support, Haven Home for Girls told us that we newer too young. To volunteer, we both had to be eighteen years or older to volunteer. As a result, we couldn't help children at Haven Home or Girls, so we thought about going to one of our guidance counselors to ask if there are any teen moms in our school. However, we didn't feel comfortable doing this, so we're looking for a new place to volunteer for. For the last part of the semester, we will be trying to find a new place to help at  and make a different in teen moms' lives.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jobs for Passion

I have many passions. One of them is being around children/babies, because they make me happy and they are so cute and funny. The professional jobs I researched, that involves my passion, are children/baby photography and being a preschool teacher. I also saw jobs like social workers and other things, but none of those really interested me. Although for my 20 Time project, I helped teen moms by babysitting their children, I wouldn't want to babysit or nurse kids for the rest of my life. I know these are just ideas to get me thinking on what things I want to do whenI get older, I want to enjoy it. The job I found most interesting, that involved being with kids, is children photography. Although some photographers get a low pay, it looks like a lot of fun. It is a great opportunity for once in a lifetime shots, but the babies are also temperamental, fussy, and can be difficult to work with. I wasn't interested in being a preschool teacher, because there so classes they have to take, that I don't find interesting, like family and consumer science.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Experience Through Twenty-Time

From the beginning of 20 Twenty Time, I've learned how to be more professional. This project has reminded me of how to write a formal card, an email, and call them in a manner that is much more appropriate than how I talk to my friends. Also, I have learned how to think more individually, because we weren't guided along the way. We had to decide on how to start our project, to where we are now. We also have learned how to make a difference in our community, by helping others. In our situation, it is helping teen moms.This has given me knowledge of how to be a better student, based on my experience with 20 time, because what I have learned from my project will help me in the future. For example, we learned to problem solve when my partner and I were thinking of how to take our passion, of being with children, further. We made it into a way to help teen moms. Furthermore, this lesson will help me with the completion of this project, because I have written a list of things to do before my partner and I are finished with 20 Time. This lesson will help me in the future, because helping teen moms is something that involves my community. For example, we called and emailed an organization local, which required professional attitudes and language, Therefore, this 20 time project has been a big help in giving me some experience for the future, when I'm looking for a job in the "real world."

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Pitch Day"

I feel that my partner and I have gotten very far in our project. From finding the right organization to now knowing that we want to babysit children to help their teenage moms, I hope we successfully help these families. When everyone showed people their projects and ideas for their project, I was pleased that people were interested in our project of helping teen moms. Knowing that people were interested on Pitch Day will make it easier to work with people, because they may want our help, if they see we are trying to save their families and education. I hope that my project takes my partner and I far, and succeed in helping these teen moms.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


So far my partner and I have completed quite a bit. Starting off, we found the organization we wanted to work with. This organization is named Haven Home for Girls. They want to help teenage mothers, just like we do. Therefore, we looked at the programs they have and picked one called the Young Mother's Program. The reason we picked this one instead of the other programs that were listed, was because the Young Mother's program explained how it helped teen moms' education. This was the reason of why my partner and I wanted to help teen moms. After we decided that we wanted to partisapate in this organization and this program, we first emailed the email listed on the main page for Haven Home for Girls. Two days after we sent the email, we called this organization's phone number. A woman answered our call and we told her why we are interested, how we want to help, what school we are doing this for, and more information in that area. Then she told us to email her, so we did shortly after the call was over, and we are currently waited for her reply. Meanwhile, we planned out how we will organize our trifold board. Also, we are working on the parts that are required in the board, and already know what we have to do. As a result, having planned out what will go on the board, we are ready to type and print our information.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Challenges

I have learned that to help others, I don't have to just do things for my school. I can go in the "real world" and help others there. In me and my partner's case, we are going to help teen moms, their eduction, and their children. We are doing this by volunteering for the Haven Home for Girls, int heYoung  Mother's Program. Our strategy for working is first planning and writing what we will say and do, and then acting and recording our results. We emailed and called the Haven Home for Girls after writing down questions for them, and why we are interested. Also, the problems we have needed to overcome has been waiting for a reply from the company, to find a company in York that helped teen moms, and thinking of a way to help the teenage mothers. However, my partner and I have overcome these problems, by finding Haven Home for Girls, and suggesting to volunteer for one of their programs. On the other hand, we are still waiting for a woman from this company to reply to our email, but everything else is going smoothly. Next, I think coming up with this idea is the easiest thing about this project this is because my partner's mom was a teen mom when she had her, so we didn't have to do a lot of research to come up with this. Also, being professional and working thoroughly is easy since we are friends. The challenging thing is finding dates to work on our trifold poster board, which we didn't even start, but I did a sketch of how it will look and I know what to do, we just need to write what we are going to say and what will be posted on our board. Overall, we just need to find a date to work because we need to start working our board.